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Getting Karen and Tony Safe

We received a message from Vets Now in Gillingham explaining that they had two very young kittens handed in to the practise. The kittens are not in great shape. We left immediately to collect and bring back to HQ. Both

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Getting some hand rears safe

We received a call about some orphaned kittens. The mum cat was owned by a lovely lady but the mum refused to feed the babies (some cats just aren’t ready for motherhood). The owner had taken the kittens to the

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Getting Red Pepper Safe

We received a message from The Fox Project asking if we could attend at a property in Chatham as there was a fox that looked in a bad way not able to get back out of the garden. We attended

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Chip N Snip Day

We came up with a great idea to help families on low income get their cats neutered and chipped. We started by co-ordinating with the RSPCA and Cats Protection to see if we could put a little something together. We

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Young cats found in a cardboard box in Tonbridge

We received a call for help around 9:30pm about three cats that were found taped inside a cardboard box in the middle of woods in Tonbridge today. A lovely man called Brad was walking his working dog in the woods

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Getting Rosie and Jim safe

We start this story around February last year (2017) when we were called to collect a semi feral cat that had babies. We brought the mum cat back to HQ and got her booked in for a spay, we named

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Getting Saru Safe

We received a phone call from a very worried staff member at Dobbies in Gillingham. She went on to explain that there was a kitten screaming for help as he/she was stuck. They tried to explain the gravity of the

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Getting Cannon and Ball Safe

We received an inbox from a lovely lady called Paula she explained she was out walking her dog and she heard some kittens menowing under a car, she had a look but couldn’t grab them as she had her hands

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Finishing the free kitten cycle

We were alerted last year to free kittens: Last Years Story Now for us to be able to help last year we were told we could only help if the owner could keep one kitten from the litter, spay mum

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Getting Croc the Fox

We were sent a task from The Fox Project yesterday about a fox cub that was sitting in a garden all alone and barking for his mum in the rain. We attended as soon as we could, however by the

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