Deceased Male Tabby Cat Found Coronation Road Chatham

We saw a post on Facebook last night about a cat that was involved in an RTA and passed away along Coronation Road in Chatham. A few people living there went door knocking to try and locate the owner, they then wrapped the cat up and placed the cat somewhere safe away from the elements. We explained we could attend and check for a chip.

We checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped but there were no details recorded on the chip. He is tabby all over with a red flea collar that had a bell attached to it.

We rang petlog today and asked them to trackback who implanted the chip, usually that takes a few days so we started ringing around all vets in Kent to see if the chip had been registered to a vet nearby. Every vet we rang said they had no record of that number on their systems.

We then received a call from peog to say the cat was originally implanted in a vets called Goddard Vets in London, Highbury so we called them. Unfortunately they also have no record of the chip on their systems either.

This cat has been very well cared for and very well fed. He is a neutered male and looks approximately 5-6 years old. If you do recognise any of this information then please get in touch with us ASAP on 07803322297.

We have him safe with us and will continue to search for his owner.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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