Getting Marley Home

We received a frantic knock on the door at HQ around 11pm last night. A young gentleman out of breath explained that there was a dog on a doorstep on Gillingham Road growling, shaking and wasn’t moving. The young gentleman had tried to put a lead on the dog and lead him to safety but the dog backed up and started snapping, so he came to us to see if we could help.

When we attended the dog was still shaking, snarling and snapping. So we knocked on a few doors to see if anyone recognised him, no one did.

It was nearing midnight and most lights were off in homes on the street. We tried speaking softly to the dog and placed his photo online to see if anyone recognised him. We initially couldn’t get close enough to check for a chip. After some gentle speaking, some good ole whiskas cat food wafting in the wind his face relaxed, his eyes widened and he came closer to where we were to see what the yummy smell was. We put more down and as he was eating we managed to obtain his chip number.

We grabbed the lead and opened our car door, he jumped straight in.

The details were out of date on the chip but he was sat at the right address that was on the chip details. One of our volunteers Abigail Newman was still awake and offered her dog crate for him to be safe for the night.

It transpired that this baby was seen on the railway tracks, nearly being hit by cars, chased by people so no wonder he was petrified. A lovely lady on our group knew the owner and messaged them, they got in touch with us this morning.

Unfortunately Marley was comfortable in his new dog crate and didn’t want to leave it for mum, so we had to try and encourage him again. Mum went to go and get dad as we tried to encourage him out. Initially he wasn’t sure what was going on, then he saw daddy!

Marley had managed to escape as he was out for a walk and chased a fox. His owners didn’t sleep all last night as they went out looking for him.

Stay safe Marley!

A massive thank you to the finders for staying with him and getting in touch with us.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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