Getting Coco Home

We received a report from a wonderful man called Simon. He placed a post on our group saying a cat had wandered into his garden in terrible condition and he was worried the cat was dying. We messaged him and organised to attend immediately.

It was very clear to see the cat was emeciated and very dehydrated. She also had a lot of flies landing on her (fly strike). We checked her for a chip but she wasn’t chipped. We saw she had an id tag on her collar and rang the number on the tag, but there was no answer. So we text the number and placed this baby into a car basket ready to take her to safety and clean her up.

She didn’t struggle at all, just sat in the basket looking very sorry for herself. All of a sudden our phone pinged with a text saying ‘Yes please, that’s me, omg is she ok’. We then received a phone call from a very teary owner who explained Coco had been missing for 3 weeks.

We organised to take her straight home and help clean her up whilst the owner rang her vet to organise getting her there ASAP. One very teary happy mummy and children.

Thank you Simon for your quick thinking, reporting and trusting us to get her safe.

Fingers crossed this baby makes it. She’s around 9 years old and was found around 1 mile away from home.

Stay Safe Coco and we wish you all the best xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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