Getting Kobi Home

We received a phone call from a lovely lady called Sarah. She explained that her son was cycling from Rochester back to their home in Wainscott and came across a lovely little dog. He wasn’t sure what to do so picked the dog up, placed the dog in his rucksack and cycled home. He promptly explained what had happened to his mum then fell asleep 😂

We explained we could attend and check for a chip, and he was chipped! His name is Kobi, a stunning little Yorkshire terrier.

There was no answer on the phone number that was on the chip, so we went door knocking. A lady answered the door really upset, we explained who we were and what had happened. She missed our calls as she was frantically out looking for him and didn’t take her phone. We then went back and collected Kobi from the lovely finders to take him home.

One happy Kobi and one happy owner

Stay safe Kobi and no more running away when mummy puts her shopping away.

We would like to thank the young man for thinking quickly and getting Kobi safe and for the whole family for keeping him safe.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Kobi Home
  1. Trisha Stuart says:

    As the owner of Kolbie (Kobi) I would like to thank everyone involved in his return especially the young man that found him. He was only missing for about 3 hours due to my unfortunately not closing my front door properly but it seemed like a lifetime. I am really grateful to my neighbours for helping my to search the area.

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