Getting Chelsea Home

We were tagged on a Facebook group last night about a little old Yorkshire terrier that had been found in Rainham. She had been found eating a scotch egg at the side of the road, so a lovely family scooped her up and went around knocking on doors to try and locate an owner, but they couldn’t find anyone that knew the dog.

We explained who we were and that we were happy to check for a chip and try locate an owner that way. She was chipped and her name was Chelsea.

Unfortunately the chip details weren’t up to date, but the finders were happy to keep her safe for the night until the dog warden opened the next morning. We felt very deflated at the prospect that we couldn’t help, until we saw a man in a van driving into the close. We approached and asked him if he knew anyone with an old Yorkshire terrier, to which he replied “yes, next door had one, I’ll go and ask my wife as she will know for sure”.

His wife agreed that next door owned a dog so we knocked a few times and someone came out looking really sad, we asked them if they had a dog called Chelsea and their faces changed from upset to shock!

Chelsea is back safely in the arms of her owners who were ever so grateful to everyone helping. They now have the means to update their chip details as they were under the impression that the vets did it for them.

Stay safe gorgeous girl and thank you for the kisses ❤️

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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