Getting Hector Home

We received a call from Vets4pets in Gillingham today, they explained they had a very lovely lady come into their practise who had found a cat in the middle of the road, they weren’t sure on the breed but knew its not a breed you see very often.

We explained we could attend and check for a chip. We left it a little while so the lady could get back home to where the cat was before we set off to check. What they had found was a very dehydrated Sphynx cat who was in a terrible state.

This cat was covered in oil, ticks and scrapes and cuts including sunburnt skin. As soon as we picked him up and cuddled him he didn’t want to be put back down. We set about trying to get as many ticks off as we could and counted around 10 ticks so far. We had a look on our facebook group for any missing sphynx cats and we found one in the same area, he was the missing cat! Poor Hector had been missing for 2 weeks in this heat.

As the owners arrived to collect we explained what had happened, they picked him up and cuddled him, so we set about getting the remaining ticks off of him. They will be taking him to their vets so he can get some fluids and much needed tlc. As you can see Hector is so much happier now he has his mummy cuddles back.

Stay safe Hector ❤️

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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