Getting Ginge Home – 5 Months Missing

We received a call around 9:30pm last night from a lovely woman, she was in a bit of a panic as a ginger cat had turned up on her door with blood around his mouth and one of his teeth was broken and hanging out. She explained she rang the PDSA but she didn’t drive, so they gave her our phone number to try and help.

We raced over the as soon as we could, the cat was sat there as if he lived there and came over for a fuss. Initially the lady and her neighbour had thought the cat had been in an RTA but after checking we believe he had been hit in the mouth by something else. The ladies that had found him named him Ginge for the moment.

We checked his chip and he was chipped, but even after checking the database he should have been on and calling them, they had no record of him on their system. We decided to take him back to HQ, weigh him and give him some pain relief. Within a few minutes he had started eating and literally finished a while bowl of food within seconds. He didn’t look like he was a missing cat as he was very chunky and clean.

We placed a found post on Facebook then searched through our group and found his photo as missing, he has been missing since February!

We tagged, messaged and managed to get a hold of a family member of the owner who wasn’t initially sure that this was their cat Ginge. We were adamant that the markings matched up so we sent over a video of the cat, lo and behold he was their cat!

Ginge was reunited this evening to his mummy and daddy who were absolutely delighted. Ginge will be taken to their vet asap.

Stay safe Mr Ginge xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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