Getting Charlie Safe

We were tagged on a Facebook post about a cat stuck up a very high tree in Rochester yesterday. Charlie the cat hadn’t been seen since Saturday. A lady spotted Charlie up the tree and placed a post on Facebook.

The owner of Charlie came forward and set about trying to see how she could get Charlie down. After food, encouragement, ringing around everyone it seemed Charlie was going to be stuck up there for longer. He had got himself into such a state that he couldn’t see sense in coming back down.

We attended and assessed the situation, there was also a young man that was willing to climb ladders to get Charlie, however as soon as the ladders were placed on the tree he moved even further up and away.

We decided that Charlie’s welfare was indeed at risk as it had been very hot these past few days and he had been up the tree for over 48 hours with no food or water. We rang the fire brigade who were more than happy to attend for us. Initially they tried a very long grab pole, but that got stuck on the branches and Charlie started to move away, leaping from one tree to the next.

The owners had made a platform below incase Charlie decided to leap out of the tree and fall. This was becoming very tricky.

The fire brigade decided to utilise the long pole they had to manouver Charlie down the tree by placing the pole above his head to encourage him away from the pole and down. It worked and Charlie eventually lowered away from the pole further down the tree to safety. A young man below grabbed him and off they ran home to get Charlie safe.

We have since called the owners to see how Charlie is, he is dehydrated and boy oh boy did he need food. The owners are feeding him little and often so he doesn’t get a sore tummy. I don’t think Charlie will be doing that again anytime soon.

Stah safe gorgeous man xxx

Thank you to the Kent Fire Service for your prompt response and quick thinking.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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