Jicaras Story

We will start this story with a few pictures.

This poor boy was riddled with fleas, panting, emaciated, dehydrated and could hardly breathe as he had a full blown cold. He was seen roaming around the streets by a lovely lady who got in touch with us to help. After some digging we found where he was meant to be living but they no longer wanted to take ownership over him, he wasn’t chipped or neutered.

After a quick visit to the vets they administered some antibiotics and explained his breathing was that bad they couldn’t neuter him or do anything else until his breathing had sorted, he had an upper respiratory infection. He also hated being confined in a basket.

We got him flead and wormed to help with his anemia and got his blood work done at the vet which came back quite good.

After a few days of using a warm flannel on him to try and release some of the dirt and grease he seemed to perk up a little. We then gave him some steam treatment to help with his breathing 2-3 times a day.

Knowing he wasn’t happy being confined and our amazing foster carer Colleen Ranger and her husband Barry were over from Australia we asked if they could have him in a home environment to see how he would be, they jumped at the chance and so did Jicara. Colleen tried her best to bathe him and within a few hours he was all snuggled up to Barry wanting cuddles, it was at this point we knew we had made the right move for him.

His breathing had improved dramatically so we booked in him to the vets for neutering and chipping and a check over on his teeth with an xray to make sure he had no other signs of injury as he wasn’t using his tail very well. It turns out he had no injury, his tail was just so full of poo and crud that it was weighing him down.

We have been keeping his followers up to date on his progress and one of our supporters came forward to offer him a home!

Today was the day he would go to his new home.

I’m not sure about you but seeing this boy go from rags to riches has melted our hearts. His new name has been chosen by his new mum, he will now be known as Polo 😍

Stay safe darling boy, we will all miss you but can’t wait for your updates.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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