Getting Reggie The Dog Home – Missing For 8 Weeks!

We were tagged on a post about a little chihuahua that was found running about in Gillingham and had been contained by a lovely family. Unfortunately the family had a dog of their own who isn’t keen on other animals so they were worried about how they could keep them separate overnight.

We explained we could attend and check for a chip, unfortunately there was no chip. We decided to take him back to HQ which could have been a little tricky as we have 5 dogs and 9 resident cats at HQ.

After some sniffing and barking from the new dog they eventually settled down. We placed a post on our facebook group but no one seemed to be looking for him around Gillingham which we found strange.

After a few hours we were sent links from a website called Doglost stating that there was a dog that looked extremely similar that had been missing some 8 weeks ago. We decided that we would ring them and see if they could tell us more about his markings.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Reggie has now been reunited, he was found a long way from home in Slade Green.

We are unsure how Reggie managed to get to Gillingham from Slade Green in 8 weeks and still looking very chunky and well groomed, however he is home, back safe where he belongs. He is booked in for his microchip tomorrow 😍

Stay safe gorgeous boy!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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