Getting Bernadette, Bernie, Cathleen and Darren Safe

We received a call from a very worried lady, she has had a problem with feral cats for some time and has been trying to get them all help.

She heard some kittens crying and went to investigate. She then came across 4 babies all tangled together by their umbilical cords and string, they were covered in flies and they were starting to lay their eggs on the babies. Mum was quite distressed as she couldn’t feed them in this state.

We explained we could attend and see if we could help untangle the babies. After some untangling we managed to free them one by one.

What had happened is all of their placenta had started to dry up and their cords had tangled together around feet and legs, amongst all of that there was a piece of rope tangling in with it all. All of the little white bits you can see are fly larvae. All four babies were covered in eggs, this can be so dangerous for them and can kill them (fly strike).

Mum is nowhere to be found, but there is a plan in place to trap her and the other unneutered cats at the property. So for now meet Bernadette, Bernie, Cathleen and Darren.

These babies will be under Animals Lost and found in Kent’s care for the time being where we will be hand rearing. So please excuse our slower than normal responses as babies of this age need bottle fed every two hours day and night.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Bernadette, Bernie, Cathleen and Darren Safe
  1. Bernadette morgan says:

    I’m Bernie and my friend Kathleen spent 6 hours trying to get help for these kittens that would have been dead by tomorrow fortunately someone gave us Natasha and Dee number within 30 minutes they were at my house and underwent a procedure to cut the kittens apart and then take them for around the clock care they were amazing

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