Deceased Rabbit in a Bag Thrown into Brookland Lakes Dartford

We were alerted to a deceased animal in a pet carrier filled with bricks this morning. We attended as soon as we could.

Upon attending a passer by explained they saw something floating on the water that didn’t look right so fished it out and saw it was an animal inside a pet carrier.

Upon further inspection we saw that there was a large black and white rabbit inside along with a couple of bricks. We have checked the rabbit for a chip, but no chip was found.

The bag was found in Brookland Lakes in Dartford.

If you have any information then please get in touch with the police on 101 with this reference number:19-0319. Cctv is being checked in the area.

Rest in paws heaven little darling xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Deceased Rabbit in a Bag Thrown into Brookland Lakes Dartford
    He had no name
    When he was thrown away
    He had no one
    To share love and play
    He had no home
    He knew only misery
    His soul denied
    He was property
    He was found too late
    Torn and close to death
    His life was gone and yet
    He knew love with his last breath
    Countless Buns share his fate
    Nameless, thrown away to die
    In our hearts and not forgotten
    Names unspoken are tears in our eyes

    BunBun Rwa

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  2. Dylan J Bain says:

    Poor thing, you can see the length of his claws, bless him

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