Cat Found with Urine Burns in Chatham

We were alerted by a lovely lady who said she has found a cat in Chatham this afternoon, she was concerned as the cat seemed skinny. We attended to check the cat for a chip.

Initially when we saw the back of the cat we thought he may be old, but on further inspection we could see his teeth and eyes didn’t reflect his body condition. Checking him further he has sores on his feet and up his legs. He is emaciated and dehydrated. He looks in a really bad way.

We rang up our vet who said they were happy to look at him. Our vet has confirmed that this cat has been kept in a very small cramped space in his own urine for a long time, he has urine burns up his legs.

He is short haired but had a mass of knots under his neck which further confirmed to our vet that he had been kept in a very tight space for a long time.

We have had his blood tests done and surprisingly they came back good considering he only weighs 1.3kg and is a little bag of bones. He is not chipped or neutered and has one undescended testicle which will need to be sorted at a later stage.

We have had his knots clipped off at the vets and he has been flead and wormed.

This is a severe case of neglect. He is such a friendly little boy and didn’t deserve to be neglected in this way.

Safe now little man. We have named him Plum for now ❤️

Thank you to the finder for getting in touch with us so we could help this stunning little boy xxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Rehabilitated, Rescues

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