Getting Star Home

We were sent an inbox message from one of our supporters in Gillingham. She had a cat visiting her property and was worried as he was spending more and more time in her garden. After a few months of watching this cat she decided to place a paper collar on the cat with her phone number, she did this twice as he came back with no collar on again. She rang us a few days ago asking if we could check him for a chip. He wasn’t chipped or neutered, so we brought him back to HQ and placed a post up for him.

He was extremely nervous and unsure of his surroundings at first, but slowly we managed to gain his trust with yummy food.

Today we received a call from the lovely lady that found him to say she had just had a leaflet through her door of him being missing! We rang the number straight away and explained exactly what had happened and his little journey he’s been on.

Unfortunately the owner wasn’t aware that neutering and chipping would benefit Star until we explained the reasons why its good for Star and how much easier it is to get him back where he belongs. His daddy left immediately to pick him up and got much needed cuddles from Star. Star will be booked in for a neuter and chip ASAP.

One happy daddy and one happy Star. Be safe little man!

Thank you to the finder for being so vigilant and caring x

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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