Reuniting ducklings with mum

We received a message and a call about some ducklings and a mum that were being attacked by crows, the mum duck ran away with one duckling in tow, however the other ducklings were separated and huddled together crying for mum who seemed to run away and hide.

The people that called tried to find mum but she was nowhere to be seen, so they ran around trying to collect all the babies they could and placed them into a cat basket so they were safe away from the crows and other wildlife.

We attended and rang around a few wildlife rescues and managed to get a hold of Follys Wildlife Rescue who said they had room to take them.

We counted 10 chicks! We explained to the finders that if they saw mum and babies again to give us a call, as we headed back to Gillingham and set off on our journey to Tunbridge Wells the finders called us again saying they had finally found mum. So we raced back so they could be reunited.

Mum is now laying low away from open areas and will be heading back to where she and her babies are safe. All are healthy and bright.

Thank you to the finder and the locals of the community for your help today.

Be safe little ones 😍

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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