Millie Missing For 4 Weeks Reunited

We received a report about a cat hanging around in Gillingham for a couple of weeks, he was injured and holding up his front paw. One of our volunteers Abigail Newman attended and checked the cat for a chip, he wasn’t neutered or chipped so she brought the cat back to HQ so we could get him some veterinary treatment.

We took him to the vets under the name of Salem, he had a very bad abcess in between his toes. The vet flushed out the abcess, cleaned it and gave some pain killer, anti inflammatory and antibiotics to help, he was then bandaged up so he wouldn’t get any dirt or debri in the wound.

Salem was not happy with this bandage at all. Two days later we had the bandage taken off and inspected again by a vet. Thankfully it had started to heal. We then had him castrated about a week later as he was using his foot normally.

Unbeknown to us a lady who lives in Offham had lost her baby around 4 weeks prior, she was approached by a friend who was also a medium who said to her that her cat was in some type of barn with a female friend. Weirdly Salem had befriended a young feral cat that we were neutering.

The owner of Millie/Salem saw his post on our facebook group and messaged to say she believed this cat was her cat! She gave us details that only the owner would know about him and she came to see him today. This baby did belong to her and he is now on his way home. So in 4 weeks this unneutered and unchipped cat had managed to get 16.9 miles from home! He is one very lucky baby.

Stay safe Millie you handsome boy!!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Millie Missing For 4 Weeks Reunited
  1. Emily says:

    Hello! I am missing a six/ seven year old black cat who likes to roam. He is chipped and neutered. Still sure I will hear from him. Last time was 2.5 years wandering. His name is Varjak, Canterbury area. Xxx

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