Apple Pie and his story

We have been doing a few trap, neuter and releases for feral colonies around Kent over the past few years.

We were alerted to a small colony around KFC, Tesco and Dobbies in Gillingham so we set out to help. We managed to get a few trapped, neutered, chipped and released. One of these cats was called Apple Pie.

Apple Pie got his name because Bobbie from Anim-Mates was helping us with the trapping of the cats and on this particular evening she was craving an apple pie, however KFC and Mcdonalds were sold out, this left Bobbie deflated, so on the next night trapping we bought some apple pies before trapping for her. Before Bobbie attended we started setting up the traps and one cat went in straight away, we all named him Apple Pie.

Apple Pie was flead, wormed, chipped, neutered and checked over by the vet before being released back to his colony. Ferals cats cannot be confined for a prolonged period of time as this causes severe stress which can lead to blocked bladders, uti’s and other health conditions.

Fast forward to this morning, we received a report about a deceased cat along Hoath Way in Gillingham (we’ve collected a few cats and kittens from this area, and we now know where they were coming from). A lovely lady called Lisa Gould and one of our volunteers Abigail Newman attended straight away. The cats chip was checked and unfortunately it was our little feral Apple Pie.

Although he was born feral and would have stayed this way his whole life we wanted to make sure if anything happened to him or if he were to turn around at any time and want a home that he was already chipped so we could sort something out for him.

If we are able to microchip ferals then we are most certainly sure you can microchip your own baby that lives in your home.

We are very upset that he has passed but at least we know what has happened to him.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy. Thank you to Abigail Newman and Lisa Gould for giving Apple Pie the first and last cuddle he has probably ever had. Xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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