Getting Two Fox Cubs Safe

We received a call from a lady called Sarah, she explained that she had a call from a lady who’s gardener had come across some kittens under her decking. We asked if there had been any cats around but she said that no one had been anywhere near where they were for hours.

We attended as soon as we could to see if we could see what was going on. It became quickly apparent to us that these were fox cubs and not kittens.

The Fox cubs were freezing cold and one of them was open mouth breathing, we had to act fast.

After clambering on the ground and under decking we managed to get one safe, the other one was a lot further back. We honestly thought the one further back initially was deceased as there was no movement at all until we managed to grab him. Both are very weak.

We managed to get both safe.

We have named these fox cubs Jose and Hoseb.

After slowly warming them both up they have become more active. They are now in our ICU unit to keep at the right temperature.

Both will be on their way to The Fox Project very soon after they have some formula.

We would like to thank Sarah for getting in touch with us and the lovely lady for trusting us around her beautiful garden.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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