Getting Cleo The 20 Year Old Cat Home

We received a call from a lovely lady called Mel Clark. She explained her husband (Ray) was walking their dogs at Riverside Country Park in Rainham and came across a cat that seemed scared and confused. Ray picked the cat up and took her home.

We left immediately to collect the cat and took her to the vets as she seemed to have a sore bum and she was dehydrated. Whilst at the vets we checked her for a chip and she was chipped, her name is Cleo.

As we were looking through her chip details we saw that she is 20 years old and was registered to an address in Gillingham. We tried both phone numbers on the chip, one just kept ringing and the other was a care home in Gillingham.

The vet was happy to give Cleo an anal gland expression and some fluids whilst we went door knocking on both the address on the chip and the care home just to be sure. Both were a dead end. So we placed her photo on our group and done some more digging.

Suddenly the owner came on the group as she recognised Cleo, she gave us all of the correct information that was on the chip, however they lived 2 miles away from where Cleo was found. She went missing yesterday.

For a 20 year old cat Cleo took everything in her stride and that is a long way for an elderly cat to walk especially as she’s an indoor cat.

We took Cleo home straight away to be reunited with her family.

She managed to sit still for one quick photo then went on her way for a drink and a lay down. We have suggested that her chip details be updated ASAP. We found out the reason for the care home phone number was that the owners mother used to work there some 19 years ago.

Stay safe little darling Cleo. Thank you to Ray and to Mel for being so vigilant and looking out for her. Xx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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