Getting Smidge home – 3 years missing!

A post went up on our facebook group from a lovely lady called Hayley, she had a cat outside her property for around 2 years. Initially she called the rspca who came out and took the cat to a vet for a chip check and neuter, then they placed the cat back into the woman’s garden.

She continued to feed the cat but was getting so concerned for him as he was out in all weather’s and she had other animals of her own, she tried to keep him indoors but he would get quite stressed and want to go back out. So Hayley placed a post on our facebook group explaining she had tried up, down and every house around her area to try and locate the owner with no luck. She also explained although he is neutered he is being beaten up by the local Tom cats and she was getting very stressed and upset seeing it, he also had a bad flea allergy too.

We decided to bring him in to HQ, get him flead and wormed to see how he would react in a different environment. We left his post up and updated everyone with what was happening.

Within 3 hours one of our members asked which street in Gillingham the cat was found as she believed he could be her long lost cat Smidge. We were sent this photo:

And this is the cat that we had collected:

Going through all of the cats features and markings with a fine tooth comb, including calling the cats name it was a perfect match!

Smidge has been missing for 3 years, he was booked to be chipped and neutered but had other ideas and made a run for it, his owner managed to see him a couple of times down the street but he would hiss and run away never to be seen again, until now.

There are a few technicalities on Smidge getting home, however we will be working with the owner to make sure Smidge is safe and gets back to his family very soon, until then they will be visiting him often.

As soon as we brought Smidge into HQ he ran to the bed, laid down and fell asleep. He is now purring and dribbling with happiness that he’s safe, in the warm and doesn’t have to worry about those local Tom cats beating on him.

A massive thank you to Hayley for looking after him for the past 2 years and for doing everything she could to do what was best for his welfare.

Stay safe Smidge 😍

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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