Getting Charlie Home

A post went up on our group by a lady called Natalie, she posted a photo of a cat that was hanging around her property:

There were a few photos that went up of other cats under the post but none of those matched. We were then alerted that a man had lost his cat Charlie but the photo that we saw didn’t look like little Charlie at all.

The finder had to nip out quickly and we explained we would happily check the cat for a chip even though the cat was visibly not neutered, she agreed.

In the meantime a man had come along and picked up the cat and took the cat home as he had lost his cat without all of the proper checks we would normally do.

Natalie was a little apprehensive so she took it upon herself to go back to the man’s house and ask if he could allow us to check the cat for a chip, he agreed. So Natalie brought the man and the cat back to her home so we could check for a chip.

We asked if the man could get some more photos of his cat and he did as we were checking for a chip. The photos that were produced were the spitting image of Charlie! Needless to say the man was so relieved as Charlie had managed to get out before neutering and had been missing for around 5 weeks.

Stay safe Mr Charlie and a happy valentines day to your daddy, what a wonderful valentines day gift ๐Ÿ˜

Thank you to Natalie too for being so vigilant and caring xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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