Rehoming TD

Meet TD he was an owner signover. An elderly lady of 100 years old was going to be moved into her granddaughters residence so she would be able to get the correct help and care she needed. This lady was still very much active as much as she could be and loved her companion TD. However, she knew that she couldn’t care for TD as much as she wanted and TD was a very nervous cat when there were lots of people around.

We were sent a message about this predicament to see if we could help, we attended and spoke to the lady about what we could try and do. She made us promise that TD would get a forever home and not be passed about. This was by far one of the most emotional cases we’ve come across. This lady loved her cat so much as he provided her with company when everyone went home.

TD soon settled after some time although he was still very nervous about who we were for a little while.

We then received a very random inbox message from a supporter of ALFIK, she asked if we knew of any older cats that needed a home for an elderly gentleman that was looking for a bit of company during the day.

We kept the original owner updated throughout the while process so we could set her mind at rest.

We made sure TD was up to date with his flea/worm treatment, vaccinated and microchipped (he was already neutered), we also took him for a full health check at the vets to make sure he didn’t have any underlying health concerns. Needless to say after doing the homecheck we just knew that this new home was perfect for TD, the elderly gentleman was so excited to be having a new friend that he called all of his family and friends to let them know and to make sure that they don’t just walk into the house anymore because he wanted TD to be safe indoors.

The gentleman’s carer went to visit and record how TD had settled. This is what she sent us.

We are over the moon that he has settled with his new daddy. Be happy and safe little man 😍


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Rehoming TD
  1. Ruth h says:

    Super happy story , brilliant job!

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