Neuter your feral (With Harry)

Trap Neuter Release ( and eventually become a pet )

One of our admin was contacted in early May this year to help with a problem Un-neutered tom cat who was spraying, worrying her cats and breaking the cat flap to get indoors for food. The cat had been about for a few years , coming and going , but this year was constantly at the ladies home.
She called him Harry and was slowly befriending him but could see he wasn’t happy.
Our admin offered to trap., once the lovely lady had been advised to apply for a Cat Protection free neutering voucher. This was not easy to get the voucher but the lady persevered and contacted our admin to say the voucher was ‘ in the post ‘.
Harry was happy to go into the trap but too big and the door didn’t close as it is meant to.

Harry was food motivated so the lady sat beside the trap and once Harry was in she closed the door herself.
Harry was very grumbly but admin reassured the lady that it was for the best, just cover him with a blanket.
Admin then played pass-the-Harry to get him to HQ and the vets.
Once given the all clear the next evening, Harry was released back to his ‘ territory ‘.

Fast forward to 11.11.18 and we were so happy to receive a message from Harry’s lady.
He’s now learning to become a pet, his family have made adjustments to their cat flap and the resident cats are tolerating Harry.
Best news so far is that he jumped on to the sofa and sat next to his saviour.

Live long, happy and warm Harry


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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