Getting Coco Home

A post went up on our facebook group this evening about a little chihuahua that had been found and taken home by a wonderful family. The dog had ran in front of their car in Strood, so they stopped and took her home with them so she was safe.

We explained we could attend and check for a chip to help locate the owners. The finders were happen for some help so we left HQ.

As we arrived they were cradling her in their arms, we checked her for a chip and the scanner beeped, her name is Coco. We rang the first number on the chip and the owner answered, she had literally just seen the post on Facebook and was trying to contact the finder.

Thankfully Coco’s chip details were up to date and we were able to assist with her going home.

Stay safe gorgeous girl xxxx

Thank you to the finders for all they did for Coco. You ladies are absolute stars!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Coco Home
  1. Emily says:

    Thanks god for chip invention. All our little angels are micro-chipped.

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