Reuniting Fifi the dog

A post went up on our facebook group about a lovely woman who had come across a deceased dog on her drive home. She picked the dog up, posted on Facebook and took the dog safely back home with her. We explained that we could check for a chip free of charge to help locate an owner, the lady agreed.

When we arrived another car pulled up beside ours, they said that they believed the dog was their dog. With a quick chip check we unfortunately confirmed that this dog called Fifi did belong to the family.

Fifi was scared of fireworks and had managed to break out of her surroundings and unfortunately was involved in an RTA.

We stayed with the owners son and gave them help with phone numbers to call for cremation services, we then picked Fifi up, gave her a big kiss and cuddle before covering her over and placing her into their vehicle.

Rest in paws heaven little princess xxx

We would like to say a massive thank you to Valerie for not leaving this dog alone on the road and for keeping her safe so she could be reunited with her family. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Reuniting Fifi the dog
  1. Valerie Fiddes says:

    I know you have to stick to ‘official’ language, but I was very sad to hear this described as a ‘hit and run’. The young man who hit poor Fifi had stopped and was deeply upset. I offered to take her home and deal with things and although we did consider reporting it, felt that it was not going to be a priority for our overstretched police force. We exchanged phone numbers and the young man wanted me to let him know that Fifi had been returned to her owners.

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    • Thank you Valerie. We had to describe it as a hit and run as the original person that had the accident wasn’t on the scene. We appreciate he was extremely upset and understand that it would have been hard for him. So glad he did stop to exchange phone numbers with you and we are very grateful for everything you did 😍


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