Getting Marlow Home

We received a call earlier today from a lovely lady called Nichola, she has helped quite a number of stray cats in the past and we have helped her too. She explained that there was a lady called Kim whom she knew who that was struggling to get help with a cat that turned up a number of weeks ago to her property. She asked if it would be OK to pass our phone number to her to see if we could advise her or help in some way.

On speaking to Kim she explained that she had rang every local organisation that she could to get help but none would help, so we asked her to explain what was going on with the cat. She said that a little cat had turned up some weeks ago and one of her cats had a fight with him, he then ran off but he’s come back in such a terrible state. She said she was happy to take the cat to a vet as she had managed to contain the cat in a basket but was worried what would happen to him if he wasn’t chipped. We said we would make a space for him at HQ and continue to search for his owner.

So off Kim went to the vet and low and behold the cat was chipped! However the vet had asked Kim to place the cat back without calling the owners, now Kim lives in quite a remote place and considering the cat was in quite an appalling condition she was not prepared to place him back as he clearly wasn’t able to fend for himself. Kim called us back with the news that he was chipped but the vet wanted her to put him back, she was really upset about the whole situation so we asked her to bring him here and we would check the chip and do some digging.

When Kim arrived we were expecting the cat to be dirty but we weren’t expecting just how bad he was.

We checked his chip and managed to contact the owner within minutes. Marlow has been missing since August and his owner couldn’t believe he was still alive as he was under vet care when he first went missing.

We have noted that Marlow isn’t using his tail at all at the moment and seems incontinent, we are unsure if this is because of a tail pull injury or because of an abcess or tail bite. We are a little shocked that a cat in this condition that is meant to be white all over was asked to be placed back by a vet. Marlow is 1 years old.

On a happy note his owner came to collect him and he was so pleased to see her. He is now going home and is going to be taken to the vet asap.

Be safe and happy little man ❤️

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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