Reuniting Jager

We received an inbox message through our Facebook page about a cat that had been visiting a yard in Gravesend for a few months. They explained the cat turned up out of the blue when the yard dogs had gone some months ago. This cat would visit every day and stay inside the office where it was warm then go away. He was a very friendly cat and screamed for food, so the workers would give him food and allow him access to the cosy warm office they had.

We attended and initially thought this cat was either lost or abandoned as his feet were extremely dirty and it looked as though he hadn’t been grooming himself very often, oh how wrong we were.

We checked the cat for a chip and he was chipped, we placed the chip number through the first database and it stated the chip was unregistered, so just in case we tried a few other databases and we got a hit!

This boy is called Jager and he only lives a street away from the yard. We rang the owner who was surprised by the call as he only saw Jager this morning. Jager likes to walk through the mud to get to and from home.

Both the finder and owner have swapped phone numbers and addresses so they can all keep an eye on this beautiful boy.

We would like to thank the workers of this yard for caring for this boy and for trusting us to come and check him for a chip to help locate his owners.

Stay safe little man xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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