Getting Fudge Home

We received a call from a lovely lady, she explained that her mum was driving down Ash Tree Lane in Chatham and a dog ran in front of her car. She immediately stopped, held up the traffic and managed to contain the dog in her vehicle.

We explained we could meet the lady in the car park and check the dog for a chip. We were on our way to chip check a straying cat in walderslade so we were only 2 minutes away.

We attended and checked the dog for a chip, we called the number on the chip and the number had been disconnected. So we placed a lead on the dog, secured the dog into our vehicle and went door knocking and placed a post on our facebook group for him.

Once at the property it seemed dark and empty, so we knocked on one neighbours door who in turn knocked an elderly gentleman’s door. This lovely man invited us in and rang the old and new house owner for us. The home owner managed to locate a newer address for us so we were about to go door knocking again when the phone rang, a lady sounding quite panicked said she believed we had her dog Fudge. We asked her for all of her old addresses and sure enough all of the details matched perfectly. We explained we were on our way to bring Fudge home.

The whole family were outside waiting for naughty Fudge who is 11 years old and in all of the years they have had him this is the second time he had escaped from this new house.

We would like to thank the finder, finders daughter, the elderly gentleman and also to Judith who helped track the owner down also.

Stay safe little man!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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