Getting Jazz Home

We were alerted by a lovely lady called Claire about a cat that she spotted whilst she was driving in Twydall, she initially thought the cat was sunbathing but was worried incase she was wrong so asked if we could do a welfare check just to make sure.

We attended within the hour and confirmed that sadly the cat had passed away. We checked the cat over and it was apparent that the cat had been involved in an RTA. We then checked the cat for a chip and she was chipped, her name was Jazz. She was a beautiful 1 year old tortie. We gave her a kiss and cuddle and took her back to our vehicle for safety.

We tried calling the phone numbers on the chip but with no reply we left voicemails and text messages and went door knocking. Again, no joy so we did some extra digging through social media and through mutual friends and managed to find the owner.

The owner and her family are absolutely devastated at the loss of their baby and are upset that Jazz was left on the path alone.

If you accidentally hit a cat with your vehicle in Kent please don’t just drive away. You can anonymously report to us on 07803322297 we take data protection very seriously and won’t pass your details on unless asked to (we are also ICO registered for your peace of mind).

Accidents do happen and sometimes are completely unavoidable, but if you report then you are helping the owners of these cats get the closure they need.

We would like to thank Claire for reporting this baby to us. Our thoughts are with the owners on this sad day.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful girl xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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