Getting Tilly Home

We were sent an inbox from a lovely family about a cat that had been hanging around their property in Gillingham for around 4 weeks. The cat was starting to lose a lot of weight and become weak so the family started to feed the cat and care for her. They had taken her to a vet to be checked for a chip but no chip was found.

They asked if we could possibly attend and take her to HQ as the stronger she was getting the more their resident cat was getting frustrated and they were fighting.

As we attended we could see that the cat had most definitely made herself at home. The whole family had bonded with her and were very sad to see her go but it wasn’t fair on the cat that already was living there as he started to stay out longer and longer.

So we brought her back to HQ and made her a nice bed with a litter tray, wet food, dry food and water to settle her down for the night. We then placed a post on our facebook group just to be 100% sure that she wasn’t missing.

Within hours of posting the owner who had not stopped looking for her commented and also provided us with photographic evidence explaining that his Tilly has been shot previously and had to undergo some surgery to have the pellet removed from her leg.

Today the owner came and collected Tilly, she had been missing a whole month and is nearly 9 years old. She only lived nearby to where she was found.

One happy owner and one very happy Tilly!

Be safe little darling. Owner will be getting Tilly chipped asap too 😍

Thank you to Jindy, her family and neighbours for taking such great care of Tilly and for trusting us to do what was right by her. X

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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