Getting some hand rears safe

We received a call about some orphaned kittens. The mum cat was owned by a lovely lady but the mum refused to feed the babies (some cats just aren’t ready for motherhood).

The owner had taken the kittens to the vet as she was worried about them not having any food. Because the owner was unable to hand rear the babies she had signed their care over to us through the PDSA vets in Gillingham.

Today we went and collected them. Because they have not had any mummy milk therefore we will be supplementing them with some kitten colostrum and the highest quality kitten formula to give them a good kick start in life. Please meet Alison, Bianca, Chelsea and Donna.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that these babies make it.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Rehabilitated, Rescues

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