Getting Blaze Home

Yesterday morning we were alerted to a black cat that was shut in a basketball court by some teenagers, he was being kicked around the court in Gillingham like a football. We attended immediately to try and help save the cat from these nasty people.

When we attended there was no one around and all of the basketball court doors were wide open. The cat refused to move and we found him cowering in the corner growling.

With some gentle talking and reassurance we managed to gain his trust enough to get him into a cat box so he could go somewhere safe to be assessed.

We checked him for a chip, but no chip was found, he was also not neutered. We took a photo of him and placed a plea on our facebook group to see if anyone recognised him.

We gave him some flea/worm treatment, a cool cosy bed, water and a choice of wet and dry food. He settled very quickly once he knew he was safe.

Later on in the evening a new member of our group explained that they believed this cat was theirs, they provided photos and a very accurate description of him right down to a tiny pink dot he had on one of his toe beans. It was a perfect match!

Today Blaze was reunited with his family. He hopped out of the cat basket, gave us loads of love to say thank you, then proceeded to cuddle his mum and suckle on her tshirt purring away with his eyes closed and dribbling lots.

The owners have assured us that they will be getting Blaze chipped and neutered as soon as possible.

Welcome home beautiful boy 😍

We would like to say thank you to the two ladies that reporting this to us and to the council workers that helped us by standing near him so we could grab a cat basket.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Blaze Home
  1. Wendy says:

    Oh what a wonderful ending to this horrible evil story. I am still upset after reading yesterday. What a loving cat. I wish my car would let me cuddle her like that 😀

    I hope this cat never ever has to go through anything like this again . Well done ladies & others helping to rescue Blaze 😀😘👍xx


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