Chip N Snip Day

We came up with a great idea to help families on low income get their cats neutered and chipped.

We started by co-ordinating with the RSPCA and Cats Protection to see if we could put a little something together.

We had a meeting with the RSPCA who said they were happy to provide a neutering bus and a qualified vet if we could find a venue on flat land with power.

We then had a meeting with Cats Protection who were happy to provide neutering vouchers for the neutering of the cats.

Then we had a meeting with The Oast Community Centre in Rainham who were more than happy to provide their car park for the day for the neutering bus. We also needed to have a meeting with our vet Vets4pets in Gillingham to make sure that once the neutering was over that there was a backup for all neutered animals incase extra veterinary care was needed for the aftercare.

We started by placing a poster on our facebook group to see how much interest we could get.

Let’s just say we were flooded with enquiries and all 16 neutering spaces were filled within a few hours.

We started booking everyone in and attended at their homes to check paperwork and make sure they were on low income and microchipped their cats for £10. We gave them their consent forms to fill in to take with them on the day.

Well today was the day that all this planning would prove a hit or a flop.

It was a hit!

All owners were given an aftercare sheet to take with them to make sure they knew what to expect after their babies were neutered.

16 cats all neutered and chipped. Obviously there are males and females, but could you imagine if all had 5 babies each? That’s potentially 80 kittens in one female season!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Cats Protection, the RSPCA, The Oast Community Centre, Vets4pets Gillingham and of course to the owners who clearly love their babies to get up early in the morning and for trusting us to come to their homes and with their furries.

For those that are on low income, there are organisations to help. For example if you call Cats protection neutering line on 03000 12 12 12 you are entitled to a neutering voucher to take with you to your vet to get your cat neutered. If you also ask your vet to microchip whilst under anaesthetic then it’s usually cheaper too.

It’s been one crazy morning but we are so grateful to the community for allowing us to help. Stay safe little furry bums.

Organisations and charities working together for the greater good 😍

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Chip N Snip Day
  1. Lucy fenwick says:

    I lost my cat he out somewhere


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