Deceased black male cat found Upper Luton Road Chatham

We received an inbox from a lovely lady called Denise. She explained that she had come across a deceased cat on Upper Luton Road in Chatham this morning. Although the cat didn’t have any obvious signs of injury upon further inspection we could see the cat had been involved in an RTA and someone had moved him to the path away from the road. Denise kept him safe for us so we could attend and check for a chip.

Unfortunately he isn’t chipped and wasn’t wearing any collar or id. He is a semi longhaired black cat with a brown tinge to parts of his fur. He isn’t neutered and his fur feels as though he had been an outdoor or feral cat. He has yellow eyes and is approximately 5 years old.

We will keep him safe and continue to search for his owners.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxx

Thank you Denise and your other half for taking such great care of this boy and for keeping him safe so we could attend. You are an absolute star ❤

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Deceased black male cat found Upper Luton Road Chatham
  1. Terri says:

    This sounds like my snowie. Does he have a little white patch on his chest. Or a birthmark in his mouth


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