Young cats found in a cardboard box in Tonbridge

We received a call for help around 9:30pm about three cats that were found taped inside a cardboard box in the middle of woods in Tonbridge today.

A lovely man called Brad was walking his working dog in the woods when his dog wouldn’t leave a small cardboard box alone, he tried calling his dog, but his dog would not move from the box. Brad’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to have a look at this box. He explained that “it was a small box all taped up with few holes in it”. He opened the box carefully only to find three young cats crammed inside. He quickly grabbed his dog and the box and took them home. Brad then placed the cats into a dog crate with some water and started to call around rescues.

Unfortunately everywhere was closed for the evening but he eventually managed to get a hold of our phone number through Bobbie from Anim-Mates Rescue. We asked if he could bring the cats to us to which he was more than happy to do. Please meet Pickle, Booful and Button. These young cats we believe are around 6 months old.

We have no idea why anyone would want to cram three beautful babies into a cardboard box on such a hot day with no food or water in the middle of woods and walk away.

If you are struggling for whatever reason finding somewhere for your cat then please have a look at Cat Chat and search for a shelter in your area. Most rescues are quite full but would be happy to put your cat on a waiting list or indeed have you foster your own cat whilst they advertise for a new home for your baby. Don’t dump animals, it’s unlawful and wrong.

Thank you so much to Brad, his wife and his amazing working dog for helping these babies. Brad has gone over and above for these babies today, for a man that is a little nervous around cats he did amazingly! Top man šŸ’ŖšŸ˜ x

They now have their own bedroom with us at HQ and have been flead and wormed. All three are dehydrated, hungry and very tired.

Safe now little ones xxx

If you believe these cats to be yours or you have any information at all then please feel free to call or text 07803322297 in confidence.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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