Getting Saber Home

We received a phone call from a very worried owner a couple of days ago who had lost her cat. She wasn’t online and couldn’t send any photos through but gave very specific details about her cat that were very distinctive. She said he was on daily medication and was lost in the ME8 area from Saturday.

Today a post went up on our facebook group about a cat that was seen in the KFC beside Dobbies in Gillingham.

One of our volunteers Abigail raced over immediately to see if she could locate the cat and check for a chip, she spoke with the KFC staff who were ever so helpful (and they help feed the strays in the area 😍). Initially the cat was nowhere to be seen, but Abigail didn’t give up.

After a few minutes Abigail messaged to say he was there. He was allowing Abigail near, but not near enough. Abigail then asked for backup with a trap, so we raced over there to see if we could contain the cat. It was such a tense moment as the cat was going in the trap and standing on the plate but not setting it off! So with a few distraction techniques we managed to get the cat back into the trap and manually set it off.

We transferred him into a trap transfer box and rang the owner. Well, this reunite set us all off in tears!

We would like to say thank you to the KFC staff, the finder of the cat for alerting us (Michelle Turner) and to Abigail for being so quick in attending.

Stay safe gorgeous boy!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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