Getting Patch Home

We received a phone call from Manor Vets in Chatham about a cat that was found on Bryant Road in Chatham around 6 days ago. The cat had been checked for a chip and had a severe flea allergy, some of her hair was missing and she was extremely dirty.

Manor vets don’t have the facilities to hold any animal overnight so asked if we could help. We went and picked her up from them, then placed a plea out on our facebook group about her to see if anyone recognised her.

After a few days a lady called Donna wrote a comment on the post saying she believed she knew who the cat belonged to. Donna then passed over our phone number to the potential owner who sent photos of her cat, it was a perfect match!

Patch was an indoor cat who had never been outside before, she unfortunately darted out of an open door on the 16th of January this year (5 months ago).

Patch’s human mum came and picked her up today, yes there were lots of tears as she recognised her mummy straight away.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the finder of Patch for taking her to the vet and a lovely lady and her daughter for seeing Patch earlier that day and going out with dreamies looking for her. Also, thank you to Manor Vets in Chatham for taking her in and giving her some treatment to help her flea allergy and for Donna for being so quick in recognising her friends cat.

Stay safe little miss Patch. Xxxxx

Please chip and neuter your animals!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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