Finishing the free kitten cycle

We were alerted last year to free kittens: Last Years Story

Now for us to be able to help last year we were told we could only help if the owner could keep one kitten from the litter, spay mum and put her back. We did exactly as we said we would however we explained about the implications of keeping the female kitten and left phone numbers so they could get help with neutering when she was old enough. Fast forward to exactly one year later and we were alerted to another sign on the board about free kittens.

So we attended with our correct boxes and explained we were there to take all of the babies, and mum that wasn’t spayed last year to get her spayed. The man remembered us and let us in to help.

After a little scuffle we managed to get all babies safe into rescue and mum will be booked in to be spayed and released back so he can continue to feed and shelter her and her mum.

The life cycle of this has now stopped. Please neuter your animals 😍

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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