Getting Croc the Fox

We were sent a task from The Fox Project yesterday about a fox cub that was sitting in a garden all alone and barking for his mum in the rain. We attended as soon as we could, however by the time we attended the fox had vanished! We left our phone number with the finder and explained that if the fox came back then to call and we would go back.

Today we received that call to say not only was the fox back, but he had managed to get himself stuck in an elderly ladies toilet and was only noticed when the toilet was needed.

Thankfully the finder managed to grab a box to contain the fox for us to attend. Mr fox was not impressed about this and was a tad hissy and grumbly, but we managed to transfer him into our box for safety.

One of The Fox Project volunteers will be collecting him soon to take him back to their cub unit.

Stay say Croc the Fox xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Rescues

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