The Zoltan 4 – Flu Kittens

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a few kittens that were found abandoned by their feral mum in a residential caravan park. The lovely lady explained that ‘the kittens eyes were sealed shut with gunk’. We said we would help as much as we could and organised to attend the next day.

The babies were found inside an old disused prize grab machine huddled together where the prize or Teddy bear would drop out in about 2 feet of polystyrene chips that you use to fill packages. The van that the machine was in was moved and the feral mum got scared and never returned.

We quickly saw that their eyes and noses were sealed and knew instantly that they had flu. We brought them back to HQ to give them a little clean and try and get all of the crusty, sticky snot off their eyes and noses. They were in so much pain and crying when they were cleaned. The following photos are not enhanced in any way and the green you can see coming out of the eyes is puss.

After cleaning them up as much as we could and getting them warm we syringed some kitten vitamins and minerals into their mouths and instantly called the vets. The vets asked us to bring them in immediately.

After speaking with our vet at Vets4pets in Gillingham they explained that the prognosis for these babies was very guarded. We have to give them antibiotics twice a day and some eye drops 3 times a day as well as washing their eyes and noses a few times a day.

This is the babies at the vets after a few eye washes.

We don’t know how long these babies have been without food for and they are extremely underweight so we have to build them up slowly starting with kitten formula. They are around 4-5 weeks of age.

These babies have been named Jillie, Rob, Steph and Christia – The Zoltan 4.

We would like to personally thank everyone that has donated to our vets towards their care and to Vets4pets in Gillingham for their swift and flawless work as usual.

We would also like to thank the lady that alerted us to them and trusted us to do what was right for these little bundles of fur.

This is one of the many reasons why people should neuter their babies. These babies don’t deserve the pain that they are having to go through. Please neuter your babies.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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