Getting mum and kitten safe *Graphic Content*

We received a panicked phone call from a lady who said a stray mum cat has given birth to babies and the mum had started eating the babies. Cats do this for various reasons. We raced over there and asked if the finder could take what was left of the babies away from mum and close the windows and doors. As we attended the lady was in shock and very upset, she explained she couldn’t get near mum as she was feral and she was too scared to look further.

As we peered into where she was hiding we saw one alive baby moving, she originally had 5 babies altogether. We tried to get mum but she managed to find one open window at the property and darted!

We grabbed the one baby and started to heat him up as he was cold and lifeless. The finder was too upset to look into the cupboard and asked if we could check to make sure everything was out of there. We found one headless baby, a few paws and a few tails but no more life was left in there.

We asked the finder if mum cat comes back then to close the window and call us. Within 20 minutes of arriving back at HQ she rang and said that mum was back. We raced back again and after a bit of chasing about a room, our heads being jumped off and a very scared and feral cat hanging from curtains and walls we managed to contain her and brought her back to HQ. We can’t risk placing the baby back with her incase she tries to ingest this baby too so we have booked her in for a vet check tomorrow and a possible spay.

The baby will be handreared at HQ and we will have to keep a very close eye on him as we know one of the reasons mum does this sort of thing is if there is something wrong with the litter.

Please welcome Todd.

Now if this cat had been spayed or even her mum we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Our hearts have broken with this scenario and we hope to never come across this again. Please we urge you to neuter your babies. Not only will it stop them from running away, it will stop them from contracting diseases from mating and fighting other cats.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting mum and kitten safe *Graphic Content*
  1. Hayley Dann says:

    You ladies are angels. Poor little girl, thank you for being there for all the furbabies

    Liked by 1 person

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