Getting some cats safe

We were tagged on a Facebook group about cats that were being given away free, we offered advice on the post and the man explained the situation. His uncle had been taken into hospital as he had a major stroke, he wasn’t being released from hospital as he is in critical condition, but he leaves behind 7 cats that no one is able to care for and he was panicking. We explained that we could try and help get them into rescue and collect them today as we were very worried about them being given away free on social media and the property was being locked up later today. We attended and rang around a few places and managed to find a rescue space.

We didn’t waste time taking photos of all of the cats. They have been indoor cats their whole lives and never allowed outside. Thankfully the family had managed to round them all up in one room so it was easier to transfer them into the baskets.

We transported them all to rescue where they will all be vet checked, flead/wormed, neutered and chipped before homing.

Stay safe gorgeous babies.

A massive thank you to the RSPCA for their assistance with these babies today.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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6 comments on “Getting some cats safe
  1. Wendy says:

    Well done ladies, the one in the photo is beautiful. It’s sad that they will propbably all be adopted separately. But great they are all safe

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  2. Sally says:

    I can take one who do I contact


  3. Terry says:

    Such a shame when someone is genuinely unable to care for their beloved babies. Hope they all get really nice new Hope owner can recuperate knowing they will be looked after bless them all

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  4. hayley Dann says:

    Well done again ladies. They should all get lovely homes soon. Praying for their owner, hope his transition into the next world is a smooth and as pain free as possible.

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