Getting Max Home

A poster went up on our facebook group about a cat that was missing.

Our members started sharing all over Sittingbourne to help try and find this stunning lad. His owners were beside themselves as was their 5 year old boy who was absolutely devastated that his best friend was missing.

All of a sudden we received reports that a very similar looking cat was found in New Addington. One of our volunteers (Taz Kenward) explained she could check the cat for a chip just to see if it’s the same cat. None of us were prepared for this to be Max as he had only been missing for 7 days and New Addington is approximately 43.5 miles away from where he went missing

Once Taz had arrive she checked the chip and it was him! We have no idea how he managed to get such a distance in 7 days. Taz then brought Max back to HQ as Max’s owners were on holiday and he was actually scheduled to go to the cattery when he went missing. The owners sent someone to collect him and he is now on his way home.

He looks like the cat that got the cream and is very pleased with himself.

We would like to thank the finder, Taz and every single person that was involved in getting him safe.

Stay safe gorgeous boy xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Max Home
  1. Tracey Claxron says:

    Wowee!he certainly went on his travels!:D xx

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