Mutilations In Kent Public Awareness

As some people are aware there have been a few animal mutilations in the Kent area. These are all being linked to one another and are under Operation Takahe with the police.

We have been helping the police in the background with a few cases that are in the Kent area. We would like to clarify to members of the public that the correct way to report any animal mutilation that you come across is to instantly report to the police on 101. The police will then dispatch forensics and call other parties who will assist for back up if needed.

If you see any strange goings on in your neighbourhood then please report this also.

Feel free to use our poster and share it around the Kent area to help alert other members of the public. These aren’t very nice cases and it’s not something we like talking about as the sheer fact that this exists so close to where we all live is scary. But we believe that the more people are aware then the more we can all come together as a community to help stamp out things like this happening.

If you do see anything that doesn’t seem right then please get as much information as you can, whether it’s a description of a person/people or make/model and registration number of a car, these tiny details are so very important to the police.

Do everything you can to keep your animals safe. This isn’t just a threat in our community, this is happening and we need your help.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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