Mutilation in Sutton Valance Maidstone *Warning Distressing Content*

We received a phone call from Kent police this morning asking if we could attend a possible animal mutilation and confirm whether the animal had been killed by another animal or a human.

As we attended the police were on scene with the family of the deceased cat and led us to where the cat had been placed. It became immediately apparent that their baby had not been killed by an animal. Parts of the animal had been cut off by a human with a very sharp blade and those parts were nowhere to be seen at the scene. An extensive search is being carried out by police in the area, cctv in the area is also being reviewed and door knocking has commenced.

This case has been included under operation Takahe and a crime reference number has been obtained.

The owners did not want to be mentioned at this time, they need time to grieve their loss.

Rest in paws heaven little darling xxxx

How To Keep Your Cat Safe

Please be vigilant in your area. Report any strange goings on wherever possible.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Mutilation in Sutton Valance Maidstone *Warning Distressing Content*
  1. Tracey Claxron says:

    My heart goes out to the family! Xxx

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