Getting Era Home

A post went up on our facebook group about a sphynx cat that was found. We offered a chip check and attended. The finder explained that the cat was on top of a roof shaking and crying acting lost.

We checked the cats chip and it was on a foreign database. So we explained to the finder we would take the cat back to HQ to carry on the search for the cats owner.

As we sat in the car with the cat looking at her we realised that we had met this cat before sometime. Then realised that we had chipped her kittens a few months ago!

So we went to the address and knocked which was on the same street but no answer. So we brought the little love back to HQ and sent the potential owner a message to ask if she is missing a cat.

We made sure that she was kept in the warm and this breed doesn’t fair well in the cold at all.

After a few hours we received a message from the owner panicking as she couldn’t find her cat. She explained that since she was spayed she had become very lazy and just layed around all day in the owners bed and today she accidentally left the bedroom window open.

Little miss Erra is now safely back home and the owner is now getting her microchip details transferred over to a UK database.

Stay safe beautiful baby girl xxxx

If you have an animal from abroad please make sure their microchip is on a UK approved database if they are in the UK as databases from other countries don’t automatically change over to a UK database.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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