Getting Droneg Safe

A post went up on our facebook group by a lovely lady called Emma Smith, she explained that there was a very bedraggled cat that was hanging around Medway Hospital, Gillingham in all weathers and looked either lost or abandoned.

Emma took it upon herself to stalk the cat to see where he was going and possibly see where he was sleeping. After some time she finally found his sleeping spot.

We asked if she could set up a feeding routine for the cat as he seemed to walk around for a little while and then go inside this storage shed to sleep day and night. Emma set up the feeding routine and we said we would go this evening when it was quiet to set up a trap for him (attended at 11:30pm). Unfortunately all of our good traps were out trapping injured cats, so we were left with a smaller trap that can be temperamental at times.

We made sure he was in the shed and set up the trap with some really yummy food to tempt him out. Then we stood back away to see if he would come out. He poked his little head out and started munching on the food at the front of the trap then made his way further in the trap. We peered over and saw he was standing on the trap plate but the trap wasn’t going off! So with some quick thinking and some precision throwing we threw something on the top of the trap to startle him, bang went the trap as he put more pressure on the plate and voilà, one trapped cat.

We quickly covered him over to minimise stress and brought him back to HQ to assess him. He sniffed fingers through the bars and allowed a head stroke, so we prepped his pen, some flea/worm treatment and got the scanner ready to check him for a chip.

He isn’t chipped and judging by his urine smell he isn’t neutered but we need to let him settle before getting that personal with him as he isn’t ready for that kind of commitment yet, we placed the flea and worm treatment on him and sorted a very cosy bed, food, water and a litter tray. He is very matted but boy oh boy is he happy to be out of that cold and snow.

We would like to thank Emma Smith for not giving up on this baby, for routinely feeding him every day and keeping us up to date with his whereabouts, you are an absolute star!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Droneg Safe
  1. Louis Fury says:

    He’s really beautiful. His eyes say it all. I think he’s going to settle and become a good friend to whoever adopts him.
    Well done to the lady who spotted him, and of course you and your wonderful team x

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  2. Susan Pope says:

    You are all stars. What a gorgeous guy. Hope he eventually finds his forever home. Why don’t people chip? Loosing a cat is heartbreaking but if only people thought ahead it would make things so much better. For them and their beloved pet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jenny Stuart says:

    So proud of Emma who I know through work and I was happy to assist with some food supplies for her to feed Droneg with. Thank you Animals Lost and Found for another marvellous job done and I hope Droneg soon captures someone’ s heart as I am sure all he wants is love, warmth and a full tummy! Well done Emma for your concern and persistence x

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