Trapping Ferals with Anim-Mates

We were asked by a volunteer (Bobbie) from Anim-Mates charity if we could assist with a small feral colony trapping as there were two lovely ladies that had been feeding and sheltering a lot of cats at their property in Chatham.

Bobbie had been speaking with them both to arrange the best time to go with baskets and traps and she also organised vet spaces so the ones that were trapped could be neutered the next morning.

Armed with traps and baskets we attended at the properties, both had an interconnecting little door through the fences so the cats were eating from both houses. Both ladies that were feeding the cats knew every single one of the cats so they would be able to identify them for us.

We noticed one big black cat that was sleeping in one of the kennels, one of the ladies tried to pick him up for us but he ran off further down the path, we managed to get a hold of him and place him in a box with lots of blinking and slow moving.

All of a sudden we heard one of the traps going off. We transferred the cat into a trap transfer but noticed quite quickly that he wasn’t feral. We grabbed our scanner and checked him for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Willie. We rang his owner who coincidentally had helped us before with a previous trapping, she chuckled at his antics and we took him straight home so he could be kept in until we were done for the night.

After what seemed like forever we trapped a further 4 cats, scanned them and checked to see if they were male/female and we had to let those back out as they had already been neutered.

A further 4 cats were trapped, all male and all not neutered or chipped, we then asked the ladies to come out and identify the cats. They were ever so grateful as every year they constantly get kittens being born at their addresses and they struggle to cope with the sheer number of cats and kittens to feed.

Bobbie from Anim-Mates Rescue will be taking these boys for neuter today and they will be released back to their stomping ground where the ladies will continue to care for them.

Thank you Bobbie for allowing us to be part of helping these babies.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Trapping Ferals with Anim-Mates
  1. Louise says:

    Great work team.

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