Getting A dog safe in Ramsgate

We were sent a private message about a dog that had been apparently abandoned inside a property this evening in Ramsgate. We attended as soon as we could and asked the finder the relevant questions.

When we attended we knocked at the property and shouted through the letterbox, we could smell urine and faeces and we could hear the dog barking and whining in a room away from the front door. We knocked again and noticed that the RSPCA had left a few stickers on the door. So we retreated back to our vehicle to give the RSPCA a courtesy call to see what state of play they were at with the dog. We explained that we have spoken to a few neighbours and they all said that they hadn’t seen the owner since Wednesday the 14th of February and the dog had been crying and whining day and night without any let up. The RSPCA said they would give us a call back within the hour. We were refusing to leave the property until we knew something was going to be done to get this dog safe. We also explained this to the call handler

We then rang Kent police and explained the situation and that we wanted to get the dog to safety. We explained we needed their assistance as an Animal Welfare Organisation.

After some time of waiting on a call back we noticed an RSPCA inspector walking around the road, so we asked if they were looking for a specific door number. The police then rang us back to say they were sending an officer and they would be with us within 20 minutes.

The police then went and spoke to the neighbours to make sure that all of the stories matched up and that the dogs welfare was at stake. The officer then called head office so they could send more officers to gain entry into the property.

The police then asked who would be taking the dog. The RSPCA offered their services.

This poor dog had been left at the property for far too long. After a few hours, frozen fingers and toes and a few bangs the dog was finally safe and on way to somewhere warm and hopefully get some much needed food and water.

Thank you to Kent Police and the lovely man from the RSPCA for attending and helping to get this dog safe.

Stay safe beautiful girl xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting A dog safe in Ramsgate
  1. Wendy says:

    Well done ladies. I hope the dog will
    now be ok? How can people abandon their animals grrr!!! I hope the police find them & put them through Court. You are both travelling so far & at your own expense all the time. You girls so need sponsors, I will try & make phone calls to Companies. I hope you are both now home in the warm, fed & watered. Xx


    • Aww Wendy thank you. As soon as we stepped through the door the kettle was flicked on! Unfortunately no rest for the wicked so we are off to sort something else out now. We are so glad she is now safe, she was a beautiful baby. We believe that things will be taken further in this case xxxxx


      • Bev says:

        Well done to you such caring people, glad the dog is safe, so heartbreaking how some animals are treated, god bless you all for doing such a tough job must be so heartbreaking for you guys at times, xx

        Liked by 1 person

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